Thursday, October 28, 2004


A terrible thing happened to me at work the other day. I was slaving away busily on my computer when someone from our "creative" department handed me a little boxed set. Of the Bee Gees. "Too Much Heaven: Songs of the Brothers Gibb."

I don't think this is actually being sold to anyone - the company I work for administers the publishing for the Gibbs and we sometimes pitch their stuff to movies and TV. People want to use "Stayin' Alive" all the time. This collection was to send out to our clients to remind them of the vastness (and early undisconess) of the Gibbs catalog.

If I were a true indie snob, I would tell you that the disco part sucks, and the collection's strength lies in the early pretty pop days of the Bee Gees. When they were doing stuff that was more noted for vocal harmonies and all the kids who still wear straight-legged pants and ride scooters will tell you about. The liner notes in this thing are written by Brian Wilson and George Martin for chrissakes - those guys know pop.

But I'm not a true indie snob, and I love the disco.

And you know what else I love about these CDs? The third disc features little brother Andy, a boy who was hunky enough for me to have a crush on but also had enough hair on his chest to scare me into worshipping Shaun Cassidy instead. I suspect Andy was the first of my many Australian crushes. This third disc also has songs by the Gibbs performed by others, which leads you in to the fiery hell of Babs "Mecha" Streisand and Kenny Rogers and even (gulp!) Celine Dion. Shudder.

I listened to this all the way home. Really enjoyed "You Should Be Dancing" (c'mon, it's kind of a scary dance number) and "More Than A Woman." However, it was Andy that really had me rocking in the car. I love "Shadow Dancing!" My worn out 45 can attest to that. "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" - also extremely enjoyable.

There. I've confessed. I know now that you think less of me, so I'll tell this: That same evening, I went to see the Secret Machines/ Interpol show, then afterwards zipped down the street to catch Greg Dulli & the Twilight Singers. Tell you more about that later, but great shows.

I leave you to ponder the following: Andy Gibb & Heath Ledger. Both from Australia. Did mom or dad fool around? Is there something in the water? Heath Ledger - the lost Gibb brother? You tell me...