Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Forever Smutty...

When I was eleven years old, I walked into a bookstore near my childhood home to buy a book. I was (and wish I still had time to be) quite the reader, and loved trashy horror novels by Stephen King and John Saul.(I still firmly maintain that It is one of the best and most touching books about the bonds of childhood friendship EVER.) I'd graduated from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys into these early gorefests, somehow, and never had nightmares over it.

But it was time for an instructional book, and I got my very first Judy Blume publication. Judy Blume, queen of the tween books about getting your period, getting fat, and freckles. And oodles more. I'd never read a single one of these legendary books until I heard about this one - which I spent hard earned babysittng money on. It was the legendary tale of virginity lost, Forever.

Well, I needed something. I went to Catholic school, fer chrissakes.

This book made the rounds with all the girls. We memorized passages. We hid it from the nuns (somewhat successfully). We laughed whenever anyone named "Ralph" was unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. We learned about young love and the passions lost. We learned that it was probably gonna HURT.

Now, some many, many years later, the folks at the Scared Fools Theater are doing FOREVER: THE MUSICAL, in all its smutty, prissy, curious glory. With music.

It's truly an afternoon delight. See it before it's gone!