Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Just For Your Dorm Room Anymore

Posters. I love posters.

When I was a kid, I had wall-to-wall posters covering my wallpapered bedroom. Shaun Cassidy first, then moving on to Rick Springfield, and culminating in a full out graphic assault during my Duran Duran years. (Which have never really left me... At this moment, I can count 6 Duran buttons on one stereo speaker.)

Then on to college, where everyone put their life up on their walls. It was a cheap statement to make. Mine, at the time, seemed to shout, "I am a girl who is really into guys with eyeliner and lots of hairspray!" (And none of those guys were in metal bands.)

My taste in posters got a bit more refined as I got older, but they never really went away. Now there is a smattering of tropical deco designs, or sassy Mexican sirens, or teasing Chinese ladies... but I still have lots of rock and roll. All sorts of specialty concert prints line what I like to call my Rock and Roll Hallway. I live in an apartment - that's about as much space as I have for them. Lots of Koziks leftover from my Bay Area days and some other work.

I even have one by this guy, Darren Grealish, for a Clean Needles benefit that turned out to be one of Elliott Smith's last shows.

I don't own this, I just like it. But there will be a show and reception for him on Saturday night, and you are welcome to go check it out! It's right by Paramount Studios, and here are the deets:

Sat. Feb. 28
709 N. Ridgewood Place
L.A. 90038

Get some art!