Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wave Your Guns In the Air

Last Friday, Raquel & I went to see M.I.A.

The thing I think I liked best about this show was M.I.A.'s ability to make white people act like dorks. Really. The place was not as packed with hipsters as I thought (M.I.A. is just sooooo 2004) altough there were a few American Apparel rejects strutting their gold spandex tube top stuff.

When M.I.A. & gang hit the stage, it was full on third world glamfest. Anyone who's done a bit of traveling, has family from another country (a non -European one), or has wandered over to Telemundo has seen it: Girls in tight shiny outfits shaking their asses and yelling, hoodies and sunglasses and fancy lights along with stage projections of street dancing and even more booty shots than you see in a T-Pain video.

That was the M.I.A. show - pushed full force onto an appreciative audience of white people who danced like fools and sang loudly as if they knew the all the words and pumped their fists and shot their fingers in the air whenever the keyboards blasted a gunshot sound effect.

It was a damn good time.

(And here's a clip from her at Lollapalooza... not even close to last Friday, but still fun for sure.)