Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Night At The Opera

I suppose it was actually the Walt Disney Hall last Friday night, for a lovely night of Bittersweet Country with Neko Case. At least that's how it was billed.

It was Neko playing songs in the round (I guess that's how you see things in this particular space) and having to explain each one before performing... It was a songwriter's series, you see, and the LA Phil required those invited to 'fess up a bit about the lyrics. Neko Case is not exactly a linear writer these days, tending to represent several perspectives within a single song without much to clue you in.

I rarely remember what is performed at shows I go to - I think I'm just too "in the moment" or something - but here's what I remember about this. "Favorite" was the first song she wrote completely on her own and it was about a dream where Fate is your friend but causes bad things to happen to you anyway. "Star Witness" is about a boy walking through his neighborhood and the things he sees and hears along the way. "Hold On Hold On" is about being a feeling lame for being single. "Lady Pilot" is about how she was on a scary flight once, but found out there was a lady pilot so she figured everything would be okay. "I Wish I Was The Moon" is about her dad, and "Dirty Knife" is based on a story her Ukranian grandmother told her.

That's how I remember it, and I'm probably not totally right, but hey - that's memory for you. Besides, I was pretty "in the moment," because it was pretty "awesome."

Here's a clip from a show I got to see in my hometown (or right next door) at the Belly Up tavern in Solana Beach last February, doing one of my absolute favorites, "Favorite."