Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Sometimes you get up kinda crabby and something completely wacky happens to snap you right out of it. Something that will most likely never, EVER happen to you again.

This happened to me today, and it's one of those "only in LA" things, which I am forever grateful for.

It is well documented that I am totally nuts about Duran Duran, John Taylor in particular. Mmm mmm good. But I'll take a sighting of any of those guys to bring my day up a notch, or a zillion notches. I've even had the lucky opportunity to meet John Taylor once in person, and to interview him (by phone, sadly) on another occasion. That makes me happy.

Today I went to the Arclight Theatres to see "Syrianna." The Arclight is basically the Cinerama Dome complex, which is a fancy movie experience because the seats are cozy and spacious, they have a bar, they serve popcorn and polish sausage and Haagen Daas, they tell you about the movie before it starts, and they stop seating people once it does. You get the idea. It's also waaaaaay pricey.

I wanted to go to the matinee, but got held up so I made it to the 4:45 showing instead. As I was buying my ticket, I heard a man with a British accent ordering his tickets from the fellow next to me. I glanced over out of curiosity, and it was Simon Le Bon. SIMON FUCKING LE BON! And he looked great. At this point, I tried to figure out if I could be seated near where they were seated, but realized that would be a bit obvious and since they weren't selling tons of tickets to a movie starting in 5 minutes, I decided my chances were good.

I went upstairs for my snacks, and Simon came along with a woman (who wasn't his wife, but looked vaguely familiar). I went into the theatre just before they came in, and wound up a couple of rows behind them. The movie started and I decided to pay attention to that, as I did pay the money after all, and it wasn't as if Simon was my favorite member of Duran Duran.

Early into the film, a third member joined their party, but I couldn't get a good look at him as they were all slouching comfortably and enjoying themselves. When the movie ended and the credits started to roll, I watched the group to see when they were getting up to leave so that I could saunter out alongside them. Simon stood up, so I made my way around them to the aisle and as I passed by (because they hadn't budged), I saw that the third member of their party was John Taylor.


I still cannot believe that John Taylor was sitting two rows in front of me for nearly 3 hours and I didn't notice. You'd think my ovaries would have rumbled or something. It was then that I realized that the woman there was John's wife, Gela Nash Taylor, co-creator of Juicy Couture. They were watching the credits roll and he said, "Oh, it was Chris Cooper! I like him but I always forget his name..." "Oh, he's good," Simon responded. "He won the Academy Award for that one movie, the one where he didn't have his front teeth..." "Adaptation," interjected John. And then I had to walk out of the theatre before being outed as a borderline stalker.

I was so excited that I immediately got a really amazing headache.I mean, how cute is it that Simon and John, after having been in a band for over 25 years, hang out and go to the movies together? I immediately walked next door to my alma mater, Amoeba Music, so I could tell one of my best friends and my ex-boyfriend (who had both been witness to my original John Taylor sighting and subsequent meltdown) about this one and they could see how well I handled it this time.

I'm still only shaking a little bit.

Oh, and I really liked "Syrianna."