Thursday, January 12, 2006

Do You Wanna Be A Rock Star?

Well, I got this rather interesting email the other day, and I think everybody needs to know about it. So spread the word!!! (Thanks, Kevin!)

FYI, everybody. A new kid on the block. You might want to pass this
along to folks. The club that Sam used to have in O.C. was legendary. This
could become a pretty cool spot ...

Hi Friends,

I'm sending out this e-mail because I want to invite you to an Open House at my new club Safari Sam's on Tuesday, Jan.17th at 7:30 P.M. in order to meet as many of our local artists as possible. Why does a club owner want to meet with artists you might ask? Shouldn't I be in the
back counting receipts and money? I think its very important to show to you what we are all about here so that in the future the sales will come of themselves. I believe there should be a symbiotic relationship between artists, fans, club owners and promoters. I have come to this
because I have owned a club before which had this philosophy and after that I managed musicians, tour managed bands, booked bands across the country and have always felt an affection for artists... because frankly I love being entertained.

I love passion. I love truth. I love beauty. These are the great attributes artists can bring to a stage. This is what I will search high and dry for and what I will work very hard to bring to my stage. I want to create events that are interesting and not just the roving mill of band after band after band. Things can get very interesting when the unexpected happens.

This is where you come in. I want to make Safari Sam's the place to perform, the place to hang out and the place that has freaky things happening. How do we do this? I want you to tell me. What are the other clubs not doing? How do you want to be treated when you play here? How can we help promote your event here? Most important for me is how can we get a music scene happening in LA again? Do you have ideas on how the clubs can work together to get people out to see bands, poets, performers, art shows and others? I believe that if clubs worked together, we could grow the fan base so that it is more exciting to go out because cool things are happening. You, the artists, have great ideas and I want you to share them with my team and I. I want to meet you because I think it's important for you to know that I'm not full of malarkey on this.

Safari Sam's will open near the end of Jan. so I want to get this meeting now. I will be booking onto the stage, bands, poets, plays, lectures, sideshows, magicians, comedians, artists, performers, puppeteers and other interesting and fun stuff. We will not be limited by how popular the act is but by its passion, truth, beauty and fun.

So please come on the 17th if you can make it. And feel free to send this off to everyone you know that performs.

Please RSVP for us by clicking here:

5214 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90027

Other important club info:
Booking agents are: Steve Zepeda from Bogarts, the Foothill, Blue Cafe and Que Sera in Long Beach.
Patrick Llewelyn, promoter around town here.
Ken Phebus, booking Vault 350 and many others.
Club occupancy is 465.

Thank you for this and I look forward to meeting you,
Sam Lanni