Monday, January 16, 2006

Is There Something to Do?

LA Kids:

This week is chock full of weird and interesting things to do. I think I'm gonna try to do all of them.

Tuesday? Daniel Lanois is playing at Spaceland (capacity 150, technically). You know, that guy who produces folks like U2, Peter Gabriel, Dylan... and has collaborated with Eno, Emmylou Harris, Joe Henry... blah blah blah. Yea, him. At Spaceland. Tuesdays this month. 2 left!

Wednesday? The ubercute Eenie Meenie Records (home of From Bubblegum to Sky, Irving, and Oranger, to name a few) is hosting an ubercute party at the uberhip Cinespace in Hollywood to celebrate the release of "The Dimension Mix," a CD celebrating the Dimensions 5 record label which made exceptionally weird and fun music for kids. Dimension 5 was run by electrinc pioneer Bruce Haack and children's dance teacher Esther Nelson, and folks like Beck & Stereolab and such are on the CD. Oh, and it benefits Cure Autism Now.

Mellowdrone's playing Thursday. They're good. Kinda like moody shoegazer stuff, but a touch more up. It's at Spaceland too.

Friday night? Well, listen up all you Sedaris freaks... The play "Book of Liz," written by the Talent Family team of wacko comedian Amy Sedaris and her equally wacko writer brother David, is only playing two more weekends at Hollywood's Blank Theatre. It's about a woman (first played by singer/actress/artist Ann Magnunson, now played by Amy Sedaris herself) who begins to doubt her life within her religious Squeamish community, which has been supported by her magnificient cheeseballs (traditional and smoky). Oh, and David's boyfriend directs. Keep it in the family, this family anyway, and it's guaranteed to be bizarrely amusing.

And speaking of wacky as shit, Saturday night at the M Bar in Hollywood presents even MORE off beat hilarity as Brently Hilborn presents: "Trapped in A Closet, Live." From Brently: "You know me. I'm an excitable young man with many crappy ideas, however passionate. This is indeed one of those. In one week, I'll be performing R. Kelly's wayward masterpiece "Trapped in the Closet" in its entirety...12 chapters of relentless tension on sexy ukulele with many special guests."

I once saw Brently re-enact the movie "Purple Rain" on the ukelele, and I still practically wet myself just remembering it. Go Go GO!

M Bar (Vine and Fountain)
Saturday January 21st @ 10 pm (benefits P-FLAG)
$5---proceeds go to P-FLAG

call 323-856-0036 for reservations.

That is all.