Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Naked Guy

When I lived in Berkeley. There was a Naked Guy. Well, to be honest, there were lots of naked guys and gals, usually older ones that you don't really want to see naked, but... well... it was Berkeley.

There was one guy in particular (his name was Andrew, I think) who was a student at Cal and used to do everything naked. Buying books, going to class, at home, whatever. It became a big deal, causing the campus to set up regulations and such. I mostly didn't want to sit anywhere he had sat, you know? Ew.

I heard he had drug problems and died. I know the drug part is true, not sure about the dead part. The Naked Guy came to mind recently as I've been encountering my own naked guy.

A couple months ago while leaving the Little Radio warehouse, Jimmy and I encounter a naked guy. I saw him first as I was walking out, and there was a naked man standing between the two dumpsters across the street. I couldn't see a lick of clothing anywhere, and he was playing with himself in an absent minded way. Spaced out. I turned to Jimmy and said, "Naked guy - across the street." Jimmy said, "Oh yea. That guy wanders around here, but he usually has clothes on." "Does he seems like he wants us to watch?" I said. "No," Jimmy replied,"He seems kind of out of it, actually."

We continued talking outside, my back to the guy, when Jimmy said, "Okay, now that's weird." "The guy?" "Yea, I'm not sure what he's doing. Probably we should go." And so we did. When I got home, I told my roommate about it and said, "The whole thing totally reminded me of Berkeley."

Last Thursday, as I drove up to Little Radio, I parked and started to wrap up a conversation that I was having with my mom. There was a guy up the street, leaning against the wall under the light, who started walking away. I was sitting in my car, about to get out, when I noticed the guy was walking up towards the dumpsters across from me. "Oh, great..." I thought. "A weirdo." I got of the phone with my mom and glanced over to see he was now standing in the street with his pants down, shirt up, sneakers on, actively pursuing that most solo of all solo activities... jerking off.

I called Jimmy: "Do me a favor and come down here as soon as possible." Jimmy swung open the door and the guy backed behind the dumpster. "Naked guy!" I said, knowing that it was the same dude (guess I remembered the equipment). I haven't seen him again, but we know he'll be back. He must have figured out that girls hang out at Little Radio.

There's more than one kind of show, I guess!