Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lost in Wonderamaland

I'm in Sydney, Australia. The weather is beautiful - it's the summer I missed in '06. I've already done lots of wandering, found myself in a secret "rock and roll" club, seen my friends the Twilight Singers perform a terrific show, caught a movie, done some shopping, seen some friends... and only have scant minutes here before I head off to the gorgeous Bondi Beach for a day of lazing under the ozone hole. Still distracted by troubles at home, but there's nothing like crashing waves on sandy shores at shark infested beaches to help you think less of that...

Greg said on Saturday night that I was already talking like an Australian. I tried to tell him that I always seem to pick up mannerisms like that and he goes, "Mo, I get it. You're a myna bird. I just get to bust your balls for it." So when I get back, if I'm still saying things like, "I'll ring you up so we can go for a bite and perhaps a bit of a drink, that would be fantastic," just think it's cute before it wears off.

Oh, and this computer won't let me check my own profile because evidently there are naughty words there, so if you are commenting... it'll be news to me for another week or so.

I already don't want to come home. Can't I just play on the beach with some hunky Aussie guy who just wants a little pash & dash? Well, that remains to be seen... ;)

So, armed with the hottest bikini I've ever had, an adorable sundress and unlaced Keds (flats, people - I'm actually wearing flats), I'm off to the beach. I hope y'all don't hate me too much.