Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Take A Walk on the Wild Side

Today involved lots and lots of walking. And looking at prehistoric birds, amazing panoramas, and loads of water. Even more than at the beach yesterday.

I met my friend Talya at Circular Quay, which is pretty much the main transport hub in Sydney and right next to the Opera House. And the Opera House is truly a beautiful thing, up close and personal. The tiles have a lovely shimmer... I've been in love with it since the first time I saw it. We went to walk to Harbor Bridge. Now, there's a walk you can do in teams, tied together with ropes, which takes you over the top of the thing for the best view ever. You pay for this view by handing over a pile of cash and all of your fears. We kept our fears and our money and went up the 200 stairs to the museum bit which had just as lovely a view, without potential deadly results.

Then we went to the botanical gardens where the fruit bats were stretching in their palm trees and the giant black headed bald crane like things were trying to steal our sandwiches. Don't even get me started on the giant cockatoos, the bastards. But it was beautiful, just trudging along the harbor.

We also took a ferry to Luna Park, where Talya then confessed she wouldn't ride any rollercoasters with me. Why is it so hard to find a rollercoaster buddy these days? Sigh...

A trip to the Sydney tower was next for more touristy views, to be capped by the OzTrek. It was mandatory. It was drek. A very low rent version of a Disneyland "Soaring Over California" thing, except with more whiplash and a corny narrator. But kinda fun anyway.

Then a stop in the Strand, a gorgeous mall built in 18-something or other filled with Australian designer clothes that would have looked great on us if we had loads of cash. So where are my rich Aussie hunky men?

I know, I keep adding qualifications. But you know what? I still have one hell of a tan.