Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Don't You Forget About Me

Dax Pierson, a wonderful human being paralyzed in a car accident while on tour last February, is still working on recovery. Since the holidays are coming, and you may want to buy something for the slightly experimental music lover in your life... Why not make it a gift for two? All proceeds go to Dax's recovery fund.

Irreplaceable Hand: A Benefit CD for Dax Pierson featuring brand new, exclusive songs from Odd Nosdam, Matmos, Nurse With Wound, A.C. Way, High Vulture, Thomas Carnacki, Galena, irr.app.(ext.), Barely Human Dancetheatre, Sleep On It, Moe!Staiano, Petit Mal, & Lucifer Meltdown

For more info, check out Dax's webpage.