Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Yo No O.C.

So, what's up with "The OC?" I have loads of friends who love it... Is it the new BevNiner? (That'd be "Beverly Hills, 90210" to you non-East Bay All Stars. It's an Oakland thang.) I didn't get into "Beverly Hills, 90210" till the summer season which started the whole Brenda-Dylan-Kelly love triangle. Dishy! And now I work in Beverly Hills. I'm still waiting for my chance to clobber Shannen Doherty. I even still have my "I Hate Brenda" newsletter.

Anyway, it seems that the kids on "The OC" are into the indie rock. A bunch of the young stars were spotted at a recent Death Cab For Cutie gig, and the show is releasing a soundtrack featuring bands like Spoon, the Dandy Warhols, and the 88. And then my brother, Gooby, forwarded me this message from Insound which was encouraging the cordouroy pants & vintage t-shirt wearin' crowd to do some shopping (all grammatical/punctuation errors belong to the Insound guy, I ain't editing him!):


So, maybe it's just me and maybe you all don't see what's going on here but every week I am completely enthralled and baffled by Seth Cohen's storyline in 'The O.C.' I mean, this kid is like knee-deep in tail. He's literally fighting off the hottest girl in school and some other totally adorable, but maybe a little clingy, punk rock girl who has definitely bought the new Belle & Sebastian DVD to impress him. Not that the show explicitly says that. But I think it's kind of implied. Anyway, my point is that the whole Ryan/Marissa love story is really the 'red herring' of 'The O.C.' and that the real story here is the triumph of the indie rock kid in the face of high school superficiality and materialism.

And so all this reminded me that real life isn't like this except for on Valentine's Day, which is coming up soon. On Valentines Day, the indie rock boys totally get rewarded for their mix tapes and their hack poetry and that's sort of why all you guys need to buy pretty much every new release below. Air. Notwist. Numbers. Stereolab. Seriously, you've got mix tapes to make. And really, how many times can you recycle the same Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes songs. Plus, I'm dreadfully afraid that because of 'The O.C.' that the jocks are onto us and then what happens if they start making mix tapes with like Death Cab and American Analog Set on them. See where I'm going with this? We must advance and evolve. Constantly coming up with new songs for the mix tapes. Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. Look out prom queens. It's our time to shine. Our time.

Somebody, please drop me a line and tell me what this "OC" is all about. Is it actually entertaining, or just worth it to hear a snippet of Phantom Planet (post Rushmore guy) on TV? Thanks.