Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An R.E.M. show I would have liked. A lot.

So tonight in the Big Apple, there was this tribute show to R.E.M. that some friends of mine attended (and called me from, although it's not like I could really hear anything). I knew that Throwing Muses was reuniting to play at it, but it's been a while since R.E.M. has brought me that jangly, mumbly guitar joy, so I didn't worry too much about missing it. (Although I did really dig Accelerate.)

But then my friends sent me the set list and I regretted that decision. I thought you guys could appreciate some of the appearances and song choices, so here it is (although not in order of performance):

Throwing Muses - Perfect Circle
Kimya Dawson - World Leader Pretend (with interpretive dancers)
Ingrid Michaelson - Nightswimming
Hootie - I Believe (actually really really good)
Glen Hansard - Hairshirt
Apples in Stereo - So Central Rain
Marshall Crenshaw - Supernatural
Jolie Holland (& TV on the Radio boys singing backup) - Rockville
Keren Ann w/ Calexico - Man on the Moon
The Feelies - Carnival of Sorts
Guster - Shaking Through
Calexico - Wendell Gee
Fink - the Apologist
The dbs - Fall on Me
Bob Mould - Sitting Still
Rhett Miller - Driver 8
Vic Chesnutt & Elf Power - Everybody Hurts
Rachael Yamagata - the Great Beyond
Dar Williams - At My Most Beautiful
Patti Smith - New Test Leper
Patti Smith with REM - E-Bow the Letter

Kinda awesome, huh?