Friday, July 25, 2008

The Sounds of Summer

On July 7th, I was lucky enough to get to interview Kristin Hersh for the billionth time. Actually, it may have been the 3rd or 4th, but it's a blast every time.

She graciously drove out form her secret desert locale to chat and sing some songs for us that the Little Radio studios. We talked about paranoid grandfathers out to get squirrels, the new 50 Foot Wave record, and what color her songs are... among other things. If you want to download the podcast, go here:

Kristin Hersh at Little Radio, 7/7/08

On July 9th, she played a show called "The Shady Circle" at the Hotel Cafe, which was as morose, gloomy, and straight up hilarious as Kristin's shows tend to be. I mean, where else can you hear someone describe the next song as "One about true love and then a bit of 'stab-stab'"? It was a collection of Appalachian folk songs mixed in with some appropriate KH tunes and covers, and it was worth a tear or three.

Back in February of last year, my friends over at Amoeba were kind enough to ask me to come by and interview her there as well. It was one of the worst interviews I ever did, no fault to Kristin. I was just having a mental break that day. But it all worked out, because that chick is a pro. Here it is if you feel like watching:

A HUGE thanks to Kristin for dropping by Little Radio... She is a real treasure to the music community, so check out her website and get some music, ya hear?