Saturday, January 19, 2008


About a year and a half ago, this happened to my beloved CRX by a hit and run driver... The frame was bent (hell, the car bounced onto the sidewalk with the force of it) and it was totaled.

So after about 6 months of using my dad's truck, I settled on a new car. It' s an okay car, another Honda, black, pretty new, pretty zippy. But it's been jinxed. Things just sort of happen to it. Since I've had it, it's been broken into twice, had the suspension replaced, and the engine nearly caught on fire due to the lameness of the EZ Lube guys (Of course, my insurance company couldn't definitely prove those guys didn't re-connect stuff properly, because maybe things just SHOOK loose, but really...)

So I got a new car. And what should happen to it?

Yea, this.

On a dark, moonlit night on Hyperion in Silverlake, a young man driving a white Honda decided to play bumper cars with 5 parked vehicles.

Mine was # 4.

Once the driver was done, he jumped out of his car and ran away. His Honda stayed, playing Spanish pop to keep us company while we waited for cops and towtrucks. Two of the cars were totaled, mine was almost totaled. However, his white Hinda Accord didn't do so badly. Funny ha ha, huh?