Friday, December 14, 2007

No-No-Nokia (do the Chia Pet song here..)

On Wednesday night I got to see Bjork in the swanky new downtown Nokia Theatre, which was quite nice. Granted my friends and I were lucky enough to be in the 5th row, and 5th row in just about any venue is quite nice, right?

Our favorite part (outside of the show, that is) was the downstairs lounge. No lines for booze = happy Mo & friends! We enjoyed the aquarium like atmosphere until all the lighting turned a lava lamp red - so red that the whites of our eyes actually glowed pink. At first we thought that was management's way of clearing the decks, but it turned out just to be one of the many color changes of the evening. The others were nice yellows, blues, and greens, so the red was a bit, ahem, jarring.

Our second favorite thing about the theatre was the various Nokia displays: the history of the Nokia cell phone, a selection of current Nokia cell phones, and other Nokia stuff for you to poke at. Thing is, didn't the Nokia people realize that more than half of those wandering the halls are drunk anyway? I'd like to see how they deal with the interesting ways people find to damage that stuff later.

Our third favorite part of the night was the fact that Sarah Michelle Geller was sitting behind us with her hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. and her gay boyfriend. her gay boyfriend was having a great time, while Buffy just watched and bitched about everything around her, and Freddie stood with his hand on his chin, observing. At some point, she said about my two girlfriends: "Why don't those bitches sit down?" You see, we were all dancing. Like ALL of us. The entire bottom level of the Nokia Theatre, as far as I could see. Poor Buffy.

The show? I loved it. It was my first time seeing Bjork, and what a way to do it! Some friends who had seen her before said they'd seen better shows, but I had a wonderful time. I went nuts when she did "Army of Me," cried at "Hyperballad," loved "Joga," "Pagan Poetry," and "Innocence," and flipped out during the "Declare Independence" closing riot complete with Bjork confetti.

So maybe Buffy didn't have a great time, but the rest of us sure did.