Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beasties, Superstars and Moi

Okay, Little Radio is really going into overdrive in order to give its listeners (you, perhaps?) a good time before the '07 runs out. So check it:


Beastie Boys Radio is starting up again, Tuesdays from 1-3pm. You can download some old shows and catch the new ones by checking out the Little Radio website. Here's the official announcement.

And then, Scott Ford wants make your band the next big thing...

Continuing his pretty awesome series of Unsigned Bands shows, he ups the ante by bringing in not only A&R guys and top notch producers, but celebrity guest judge Greg Dulli (the funniest man alive) and prizes of free studio time at a couple seriously major places here in Hollywood. For more info, check out Scott's blog and tune in Thursdays from 1-4pm PST. Entries must be received by Friday the 7th, so get on it!!!

And then there's little ole me... Doing the regular kick-ass rock'n'soul for your entertainment. So tune in!

The Mo Show
6-8pm PST (9pm EST, 3am Tuesday in Berlin and 1pm Tuesday in Sydney)

Thanks much, my friends!