Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Strange Angel

Obviously, I like music. And I am a HUGE fan of Kristin Hersh (formerly Throwing Muses, currently 50 Foot Wave, and always, full-on solo artist). Almost every time she releases a solo album, I'm in the midst of a personal crisis with a boy. Generally, it's the same two boys (only because I'm such a fan of long term relationships). The first time I met her was to do an interview at KALX, Berkeley about a decade ago, and I mentioned this in passing, jokingly. She responded, "Well, I guess I'm gonna have to just stop putting out records so you can have a love life!"

Of course, I couldn't let her do THAT... So here she is with a new record, and here I am with a new crisis. A bit different this time around though.

In the midst of my ongoing (but somehow getting used to it) crisis, which involves one extremely sick mom, I began to take stock. Not purposely - but you know, when shit hits the fan you sort of re-evaluate what's around you and how it can back you up. Mainly I'm talking about friends. I've always believed that Friends Are the Family You Create for Yourself. And I am lucky enough to have amazing friends, some I've known my whole life, some half my life, some just a few years... but they pretty much all fucking rule.

So when one of my friends chose this moment in time to go AWOL and subsequently unpleasant, well, it was a bummer.

Then I got my new Kristin Hersh CD back. I'd had it for a bit and listened... thought it was ok... lent it to a friend while I went traveling and wound up being away from home much longer than I thought. When I finally made it back, I was able to sit down and give a listen fully to "Learn to Live Like A Star." One song leapt out at me, because, well, I'd just felt that way a week before! Like exactly.

Of course, I'm over it now. The friend bit, that is. I am still fortunate to have great friends and they have never been so great as they are right now. But sometimes, someone bums you out and there ain't no fixing it. And right now, I sadly have much, much more important things to tend to than any additional drama, even if it means losing a friend for good.

But I really wish Ms. Hersh would stop singing it, because it seems like then I wind up living it, just for a moment.

Okay, I really don't wish that.

Kristin Hersh will be at Amoeba Hollywood this Saturday (2/17) at 2pm, and at Amoeba San Fransisco this Sunday (2/18) at 2pm, if you wanna catch her!


Wild Vanilla

Wild vanilla
Clean dreams downcast eyes
If you lived here you’d been home now and suicidal
That was one striking phone call boy,
Your voice at a fever pitch
And here I thought that you're just full of white noise, called to bitch

You messing with my head makes a terrible noise

Wild vanilla
Green eyes and greasy hair
Cross an ocean and you (vague and itchy) belong there
You are whizzing past my ears a
Shit scared domestic god
You make the gypsy in me horny for a flower garden

You messing with my head makes a terrible noise