Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'll Swallow Your Soul!

Lots of kids today know of director Sam Raimi because of his SpiderMan franchise. But lots of 80's children knew him because of his other franchise - The Evil Dead one. The most hilarious grossout films ever. (Well, till Dead Alive came along...)

I remember the first time I saw the Evil Dead... I was in high school, in a friend's living room, and the Tree Scene was about to start. People starting chanting, "Tree scene - tree scene - tree scene..." and then well, a tree sorta rips this girl apart. But it was funny. You have to see it.

And then there was Evil Dead 2, one of the few movies I find myself quoting at opportune moments. I'm really bad about remembering lines from movies, except for this one. Maybe it helps that I've also seen it a gazillion times. "You're going down!" or "Who's laughing now? WHO"S LAUGHING NOW?!" or "Give me back my haaaaaaaaand!" or, my favorite, "Groovy."

And then there was Army of Darkness, which was just plain silly.

These movies made me have a little dorky crush on Bruce Campbell, because he had to be a pretty awesome to play a part that ridiculous, you know? He was the perfect idiot who thought he was a cool guy. He was over the top and hilarious. But will he star in the remake?

Yea, evidently, Sam Raimi wants to remake his own movies. Kinda. Evil Dead is under construction once again, but with new management. While keeping the original producers (Campbell, and Rob Talpert), Raimi is developing the movie but isn't planning to direct it. Ummm.. what? I just can't imagine why - if it ain't broke, you know...

Sam, I've got one word for ya: Chainsaw.