Thursday, November 11, 2004

Oh, Baby! (part duex)

From the People's Republic of Berkeley:

I just read your Oh Baby posting and thought I'd share a scary story with you.

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I were walking up to College Avenue and noticed a large poster on a telephone pole outside our house. It had a photo and published the name, street address and phone number of a ob/gyn who does abortions. It said "Your neighbor Shelley S. is a Lesbian abortionist!" with skull and crossbone symbols. I felt nauseous and was so, so outraged. Then we noticed little rolled up "newspapers," thrown in every single driveway, that turned out to be pro-life propaganda bullshit with a smaller copy of the poster in there.

Did I magically wake up in Alabama, or what?!

My boyfriend and I ripped down the posters and collected all the propaganda from peoples' driveways for 3 blocks around our house. I felt like crying, it was so depressing. My sister told me later that she'd read an article recently about Dr. S. talking about how so few people will perform abortions in Kansas that Dr. S. flies there once a month to work in a clinic; I mean "abortion mill". (That's the term the poster used).

I'm re-entertaining the idea of moving to Canada.