Thursday, November 18, 2004

California, Here I Come!

Or go, rather...

One in Four Californians Consider Moving
By JIM WASSERMAN, Associated Press Writer

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A fourth of all Californians are thinking about moving — either out of state or just to another town — to bring down their housing costs, a new survey shows.

High rents and rising home prices have residents, particularly younger ones, rethinking the value of the mountain views and ocean shores they say they treasure. Of the respondents under 35, for example, nearly half say they might relocate to somewhere cheaper.

One thing you will find while living in California is that most residents aren't from here originally. Especially if you are in LA or San Francisco. The USA is a melting pot of many different countries (or so we like to say), and California represents many different countries AND states.

I was born and raised here in California, as was my father and his father as well. That's a bit strange for this state, but I know quite a few folks who go back many generations in this state. I met a guy whose family dates back to the pre-state ranchero days, and my cousins are native Americans who have major claim on the territory.

I grew up in a town called Encinitas in north San Diego county, a mile from the ocean. Our town's nickname is "The Flower Capital of the World," which I think either originated with or was furthered by the fact that a hell of alot of this country's pointsettias are grown there. All along El Camino Real, there were fields and fields of flowers - very colorful and vibrant open spaces. Now that long stretch of road is full of mini malls and condo developments. Welcome to California.

You can still find open space here and there, but living near a city? Forget it. When it gets really crowded, we Cali-kids joke around about the next earthquake since that inevitably chases some people out.

And, keep in mind that the study referenced above says that one in four folks only consider moving. I'm not sure how many actually do... Well, more friends for me, I guess!