Friday, March 21, 2008

Adventures in Austin

SXSW 2008... in Pictures! With some notes, of course.

Two Gallants - aka Two Furious Boys who make Furious Noise.

Bon Iver - He overcame the chaos of the street with his melancholy tunes... asking the crowd to sing loudly the "what might have been lost" part of the track "Wolves (Act I & II)," drowning out the drunken revelry down below.
Yeasayer by night - an incredible (and far too short!) set of hippie indie goodness.
Los Campesinos - The sun and heat forced these pasty Brits to reveal some skin, and at one point, the singer claimed he was going to take everyone's cameras and erase the pics of themselves so the rest of the world couldn't see their pastiness. They missed mine, obviously.
Howlin' Rain - The grooviest, possibly hairiest set of all.
Liam Finn - Cute & Little & Hot & Sweaty & Melodically Noisy.
Devotchka - Nick Urrata calmed an impatient Billy Bragg audience and swoons ensued.

Everest - LA boys done good! Completely rockin' in the free world. With abandon.Sally Jaye - backed by Brian Wright & the Waco Tragedies, a beautiful country voice in our world.
Moving Picture Show - Matt showing his guitar chops.
X - More fun in the new World. (No picture of Billy Zoom as he freaks me out a bit these days.)
Duffy - absolutely charming in a Dusty-meets-Lulu way, and a fantastic performer too.
The Heavy - out of Noid, UK... The singer jumped off the stage and freaky danced with me, probably because I'd just taken this pic and the security guy got mad at me.
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Zombie tent revival rock and roll.
The Mint Chicks - howling their way out of New Zealand.

Yeasayer by day - Yes, I saw them twice, because they were THAT AMAZING.The Night Marchers - John Reis (RFTC) gets skinny and rock wildly with his new band.
The Breeders - Bang on, ladies.
See you next year, Austin!