Friday, August 10, 2007

R.I.P. Tony Wilson

Who is Tony Wilson?

The man who brought us Factory Records because he wanted the world to hear Joy Division (later New Order), A Certain Ratio, The Happy Mondays and more. The man who started the Hacienda and accelerated the whole Madchester scene, spreading the happy-go-ecstasy rave virus all over the world.

He was a true music lover and used whatever was within his means to share his passion with everyone. He was a character, for sure, and a prouder citizen of Manchester we may not hear of again any time soon.

If you haven't seen "24 Hour Party People" yet, do. It's a hilarious documentation of his life, and he approved even if it painted him as a bit of a twat.

He was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year and music industry friends created a fund to pay for his treatment. But a heart attack ended his fight...He passed away today.

Rock on, Mr. Wilson. I wonder what they'll play at your funeral?