Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Donovan Dissed

My roommate works at the Roxy, an old famous club on the Sunset Strip. I never go to the Sunset Strip. All the clubs cost to much to get into, almost always have shitty bands, require some sort of drink minimum, and you generally have to pay a whole lot to even park in the vicinity. So I never go. Besides, the people who hang out there are weird.

Anyway, my roommate works at the Roxy. Currently the club is hosting a run of the musical, "Hedwig & the Angry Inch" starring Donovan Leitch. A couple nights ago, the club hosted a "celebrity" night so that semi-famous people could see the play without being bothered by non semi-famous people. In other words, it was a private party for Donovan and his pals. My roommate opted not to work that night, but had this gossip to report:

"I guess I didn't miss a whole lot at Hedwig last night. Jackie said that Paris Hilton was there, was on her sidekick half the night and then left. And a lot of B list celebs were there and talking really loudly at the the point that Donovan said "I must be missing a good party back there" ... how rude. I swear it's those b and c list ones that are the worst. I would have liked to seen Scott Weiland and Mark McGrath who were there.. and Juliette Lewis and the boyfriend from Mean Girls was there too.. oh and Nicky Hilton and her man..but I don't care about them. But overall, no one terribly exciting."