Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Last year, I decided to go through the alphabet musically. I just realized that I did "T" twice. Oops. And I already did "U," so I guess it's time for V. What's that mean?

Mother fuckin' Van Halen, that's what. Not Van Hagar or whoever that guy was after him, but Diamond Dave era Van Fuckin' Halen.

In my opinion, they had it all. Great songs - catchy melodies, fierce guitar... They could do some clever pop stuff and then rock with their cocks out, and you loved it all. How could you not? They were (mostly) talented musicians, with great senses of humor and huge egos, which meant awesome stage presence and memorable moments left and right. Their music was both silly and skillful, infectiously fun yet still badass.

Guys wanted to play like them, girls wanted to sleep with them, everybody had that hair.

And they had the best logo ever. How many school notebooks was this symbol scratched onto? How many tennis shoes and jeans sported the emblem? Lockers and denim jackets?

Even towards the end of Dave's era, when they were becoming too goofy, there was still an element of fun that took you along for the ride. The ultimate party train, with naked girls and booze on board.

Rock and roll, indeed. Thanks for doing it right, boys.